Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trinity Walks the Line

This past Sunday, Trinity's Contact worship service (our contemporary service at 11:15) launched a new sermon series entitled "Johnny Cash: Sin, Death, and Redemption". The series focuses on the life and music of the notorious Man in Black, how he wrestled with these three themes, and how the church deals with them. So far, the response has been outstanding. On the first Sunday, the attendance in Contact was over 220 (for a service that averages about a hundred less than that). The series has also received some attention in the press. As a fan of the rhythms and scriptural focus of traditional worship, I admit that I was apprehensive about this (as I am most) sermon series. However, in my six months at Trinity, I have been convinced of the effectiveness of sermon series. Those prior sentiments have been countered by the overwhelming response of the congregation to a well-planned and executed series- and this one has been no different thus far. At Trinity, we are so thankful to have our series carefully thought out by our wonderful preachers and worship planners (in this case, the incomparable Dr. Dave Barnhart), so I am excited and anxious to see over the next few weeks how the Man in Black can inform my faith! To check out the sermon audio, click here.